Cynthia Lennon with her partner of two years poet Noel Charles.

Imagine... August 23, 1962, the wedding of Cynthia Powell and John Lennon, fellow Beatles band members Paul McCartney and George Harrison attended the wedding before the band headed off that very same evening to perform in Chester. Thirty-nine years on Cynthia Lennon is ensconced in Majorca with her new partner, poet Noel Charles and has set up a new home on the island. In fact Cynthia Lennon has bought two houses in Calvia, one for her and Noel and the other for her son Julian, whose in-laws run a business in Magalluf. Noel Charles first came to Majorca in the 60s and while he writes his memoirs about life on the island, Cynthia is also putting pen to paper, writing a book which is also being developed in to a screen play. She says she has a lot to write about. “I hope it will all be of interest to someone,” she said. Cynthia is a multi-talented woman, not only does she write, she paints, “I love Majorca for the colours and the light,” two of the reasons why she has decided to buy a property on the island and spend her time nipping between Majorca and her home in Normandy. But while she likes to write, she admits that she has not read The Beatles book. Yoko Ono came under fire for wanting to control John Lennon and George Harrison once said the same of Cynthia, but she dismissed the claim. “How could it have been possible when I always gave him his freedom?” John Lennon and Cynthia Powell met when they were at the same school in Liverpool. “I was with him when they sang at the Cavern. “We went on to live together for ten years, six as husband and wife. “At school he was admired by everybody, he was a bit of a leader,” she said. “The Beatles went on to change the world, created a new style, a fashion, a new way of thinking and living. All of their songs were hits...” she reminisces.


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Andrea Lopez / Hace over 3 years

Who originally wrote this article? And is it true that Cynthia was writing a screenplay of some sorts? Did this is anyway relate to her book “John”?