The Balearic government does not only think people smoke too much, but, especially in the case of young people, drink too much too. However, while the forthcoming ban on smoking in offices has been accused of being an infringement on people's rights by some, the Balearic left-wing coalition government could find that it's walking a very fine line over a clause in the new Commerce Law. Included in the new legislation, passed last week, petrol stations and 24-hour or late night stores, are to be banned from selling alcohol between the hours of 10pm and 8am. Lawyers in Palma said yesterday that like many initiatives adopted to try and stem the sale and consumption of alcohol, not only will the legislation have little effect, but it will also infringe on a shop keeper's rights to sell alcohol to adults. Psychologists also doubt the effectiveness of the new night-time prohibition law. Spokesperson for the Balearic College of Psychologists, Jaume Mas, said that other measures should be considered as the Balearic law will only change consumer habits, quite simply, they will shop elsewhere.


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