The Gas and Electricity Board (GESA) has been ordered to pay 100 million pesetas.

The Balearic government is poised to fine the gas and electricity company GESA 100 million, around £400'000, pesetas after the company was found responsible for last June's power cut which left Majorca and parts of Minorca without power for hours on end - costing the commercial sector millions of pesetas in losses. Nearly a year to the day since the June 15 power cut and the Balearic government has closed its inquiry, concluding that GESA is responsible and on Friday, pending its approval by the Balearic cabinet, GESA is bracing itself for a 100 million peseta fine. The government's inquiry also concludes that the general upkeep and maintenance of GESA's power installations was poor and that the inadequate level of maintenance could have proved dangerous for the public, flora, fauna and the environment in accordance with the Industry Law legislation. The inquiry has also concluded that GESA failed to comply with the Electricity Sector Law which states that GESA has an obligation to ensure the commercial sector receives power.