One of the “pipicanes” unveiled by Crespo yesterday.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink, but Palma city council hopes that the capital's pet dogs are slightly more co-operative when they are taken to the new municipal “doggie bathrooms” which are being installed across the capital. As part of the new “we all keep the city clean” campaign the Palma councillor for health, Maria Crespo, yesterday unveiled the first batch of 35 “pipicanes” and the first “sanecan.” It total 120 doggy bathrooms are to be installed at strategic points across the city. Crespo, also president of water board EMAYA, explained that the “pipicanes” are special enclosed plots of between 25 and 30 square metres of absorbent sand, fitted with three one-metre high trunks, hopefully creating a comfortable environment for the city's four legged friends to go about their business. The “pipicanes” will also include a plastic bag dispenser and a special waste bin so that dog owners can easily clean up after their pets. Each of the “pipicanes” will cost between 300'000 and 400'000 pesetas to install and Crespo said that great care has been taken to ensure that the doggie bathrooms meet the very highest hygiene levels. The plots will be cleaned twice and disinfected once a day. The “sanecans” are specially designed all-in-one plastic bag dispensers and waste bins which have cost the council 35'000 pesetas each.


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