Eye witnesses explain what happened at the scene.

An Irish holidaymaker yesterday had to wait for nearly two hours wedged between two rocks on Santa Ponsa beach before an ambulance finally reached him, eye-witnesses told the Bulletin yesterday. The alarm was raised by Mrs Liz Burrell, who with her husband, happened to be walking along the treacherous path in front of their apartment block when the man, in his late 20s slipped, banged his head on a rock and got stuck. Mrs Liz Burrell from Howwood in Scotland raised the alarm and also contacted the Bulletin to express her astonishment and indignation at the length of time it took an ambulance to arrive. Howwood is the next village along from Johnstone, where 23-year-old Emily Kerr, the women who died in Santa Ponça last month after suffering an asthma attack on her honeymoon, lived. The Irish tourist slipped at 1.15, an Austrian eyewitness dashed to the scene to try to help the man and his girlfriend, while a local boat hand called the police. Police were at the scene by 1.30 and an ambulance was called.