The deputy Prime Minister of China, Wu Bangguo, jetted in to Majorca for a flying visit to the island. But despite the fact that Bangguo is only on the island for 24 hours, the deputy Prime Minister was accompanied by a hefty army of bodyguards and security men. Bangguo's entourage last night occupied 40 of the Hotel Valparaiso's rooms and a host of services and special goodies were ordered in advance of the deputy Prime Minister's grand arrival. Bangguo travelled from the airport to the hotel in a Mercedes, escorted by the Guardia Civil, plain clothed police, a national police patrol and a mini-bus full of aides and secretaries. However, top of the deputy Prime Minister's list was a game of tennis and three local professional coaches were hired yesterday to make sure that Bangguo was put through his paces on the tennis court. But it transpired at the last minute, that Bangguo cancelled his tennis match because he said it was too hot and opted for a snack in the hotel restaurant. The afternoon was spent on board the yacht Panorama, chartered specially to take the deputy Prime Minister and his entourage round the Bay of Palma before heading back to the hotel for a rest. This morning Wu Bangguo leaves Majorca for Germany as he continues on his busy European schedule, accompanied by his army of minders and security guards who were on duty throughout the night and in to this morning.