The correct names of the two presenters of Passport to the Sun are Liza Tarbuck and Nadia Sawalha and the winners of the video copies of the last series are: Natasha Bacher, Ron and Barbara Larty, John Harrison, Colin and Irene Garner, Carole Parry, Wayne Styles, Mrs Margaret Garner, J.G. Gibb, Yvonne Caroline Cotton, Keith Wood, Jean Oatem and Trudy Salandiak who all live in Majorca. The lucky winners who entered the digital competition on the Majorca Daily Bulletin website by e-mail or post from the United Kingdom are Norman and Eleanor Whyte from Scotland, Jane Buckley from Lancaster, Barry Emmott, John C Young from Perth, Mrs Dawn Stiff from Dagenham, Mrs Win Winwood from Tamworth, David Calver, and Linda Diggins. Congratulations to you all. All of the winners will be contacted by the Bulletin over the next seven days and be informed of how and when the prizes will be received.