steve McManaman relaxes in Majorca. Pic H Carter

Real Madrid's England soccer star Steve McManaman is currently busy moving in to his new luxury Majorca villa where he is looking forward to spending most of the summer. “I don't fancy going back to England” he admitted yesterday after “popping down to the shops” and as the removal van headed off. Over the next few weeks, McManaman will be able to relax on the island and reflect on his second hugely successful season with Real Madrid. Last season he was a Champions League winner and this season he played a vital role in the side which won the Spanish league three weeks ago. “It's been a great season, I'm well happy,” he said, although he was not particularly looking forward to having to “get down on my knees and clean the house.” Macca, as he is known in Madrid, has become a footballing hero in the Spanish capital but admits that he loves Majorca, hence why he has bought a house here - where he appears quite happy in nipping down to the shops.