The investigation in to Tuesday morning's brutal murder in a Palma bar continues and yesterday the bar owners told the police that they are having problems quantifying the exact amount of money stolen. According to police sources the killer, believed to have slain his victim, Jose Algar Sanchez, with a baseball bat, broke in to three of the bar's gaming machines, but as the bar owners had not collected the money since the previous week, he does not know how much money was inside. Palma murder squad are still hunting the killer ands no arrests have been made as yet, although sources close to the case are confident that detectives are closing in on their man. Police are closing examining fingerprints left at the scene, in particular on the front door, and on the suspected murder weapon. Yesterday the owner of the bar applied for permission to have the victim's body released for burial, but the judge ruled that the body can only be released once forensic experts have finished examining the battered body.