New traffic laws, including a “three strikes and you're out” policy, will be coming into force after the summer. The penalties for drivers will be the toughest ever introduced in Spain and the Balearics, with offenders caught three times in a period of two years having their driving licence either withdrwan or cancelled permanently. The announcement was made yesterday by the director general for Traffic, Carlos Muñoz Repiso, who said that the tougher penalties are to be introduced in a bid to try to reduce the high death toll on Spain's roads and to encourage drivers to proceed with care. The enforcement of the three strikes and you're out policy is however flexible. Repiso explained that should a driver who has had his licence withdrawn show that he or she is taking steps to improve her behaviour on the roads, for example by enrolling for one of the police's many programmes, the licence may well eventually be returned. But, on the other hand, should a driver continue to be irresponsible, he or she may never drive again. Included in the new law could also be an increase in the maximum speed limit to 140 kilomtres per hour. The final draft of the new law has to go before parliament before it is introduced. A major new crackdown on using mobile telephones while driving is also to be launched. The use of mobiles, without a “hands free set” while driving is to be prohibited and stiffer spot fines are to be enforced.