A psychologist spent more than three hours trying to talk down a distraught woman who was threatening to jump off a crane at the top of a building site in Inca yesterday. The drama began at 1pm, near the main square, Plaza de Santa Maria la Mayor, when the woman, identified only as Magdalena, shouted from the crane that she was going to jump in tribute to “the poor and the illegal immigrants.” However, witnesses say she then went on to ask for a gin and tonic. The emergency number 112 was called and it sent a psychologist who spent more than three hours talking to the women as police and firemen from the Council of Majorca stood by, ready to help her climb down from her perch. Sources say that it is not the first time that she had attempted suicide, but she had never climbed onto a crane before. One woman who claimed to know her alleged that she once lost a child she was expecting when she threw herself down a well. A lot of people witnessed the incident, but once the woman was identified, they did not seem to be too surprised. Among the witnesses was one of her daughters, who from a neighbouring balcony shouted at her mother to climb down from the crane, as she was preventing her from going to the beach. The woman made no comment as she reached safety, apart from repeating her request for a gin and tonic.


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