Britain enjoyed its hottest day of the year yesterday...but Majorca was still hotter

It may well have been the hottest day of the year in Britain yesterday, but the temperatures also reached record levels in the Balearics rising to 43ºC in Palma. Parts of Britain yesterday basked in the highest temperatures of the year so far and the hot weather has coincided with the start of Wimbledon where players are sweltering in temperatures of up to 32C (90F). Forecasters said that temperatures were set to rise to 29C (84F) in central London and the south east. Cardiff and Birmingham also saw their hottest days of the year at 27C (81F) while Manchester was not far behind at 26C (79F). Northern England and Scotland were slightly cooler, with Newcastle at around 18C (64F) while Glasgow was 21C (70F). In fact, parts of Britain were hotter than island holiday resorts such as Tenerife where temperatures reached only 25C (77F). However, the heat wave is making its way across Europe, hence the record temperatures in the Balearics. Temperatures in mainland Europe also soared with the mercury rising to 37C in France (99F) and 40C (104F) in parts of Spain such as Seville. For the time being the unusually hot weather in the United Kingdom and here is set to continue, although in Britain, the temperature is expected to drop tomorrow, accompanied by localised torrential rain and storms.