Tension mounting over the water situation.

The water situation for residents in Algaida has taken a turn for the worse - they have been totally without water for almost two weeks. The Bulletin reported the story of Derek Ramage some weeks ago. His water supply, from R.S. International, had been restricted to only 6 hours a day, three days a week. This was allegedly due to water shortages around the Island's wells and had happened to him in previous years. To counter this problem, Mr Ramage built himself his own tank and pump which have proved indispensable. R.S. International have been approached by the Bulletin in past weeks and have been keen to explain that they have no control over the Island's annual rainfall and they were supplying as much quality water as possible to their customers. They had even built new wells over the winter to ensure they would be able to supply. They now say there is water left and that they are supplying it three times a week. This is news to Mr Ramage who turns on his taps regularly to find nothing but air. “This can't go on” said Mr Ramage “I have just looked at my thermometer and it´s 94 degrees. This isn´t healthy or hygienic and it's going to be another summer where I have to watch my plants die and pay to have my tank filled up by an outside supplier, yet the people across the street whose water is supplied by the council have water every day.” When pushed for an explanation, R.S.International spokeswoman Cristina admitted that “O.K, perhaps some houses don't have any water, maybe twenty per cent, but it is impossible for us to know which houses they will be. It depends on where they are in the pipe system and where they are in the street.” She concluded the short interview with “the situation will improve in September”.


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