Contingency plan swung in to operation last night.

UPDATE 10a.m. Friday
THOUSANDS of people were stranded at Palma airport this morning as a direct result of the crippling coach driver which started at midnight. More than 5'000 people spent the night at the airport, in little comfort sleeping on the floor or on benches.

The good news was that despite a severely overcrowded airport planes were arriving and departing on time with few problems. Eventhough stranded passengers were feeling much discomfort the affects of the strike have not been as crippling as was first envisaged.

Coach drivers were camped outside the airport terminal ringed by an army of police officers in full riot gear.
Some passengers had been moved to the airport before the strike deadline eventhough their flight did not take-off and until later today.
There was speculation yesterday that the leader of the local government Francesc Antich was talking to the warring sides to try and resolve the dispute called over pay and working conditions. This bulletin will be updated with all the latest developments.


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