Palma airport's problems seem to be escalating, and the robbery of two English couples over the weekend seems to be the latest concern of police and security at the terminal and on the island. Mr and Mrs Davidson arrived in Palma Airport in the early hours of Monday morning. They have an apartment here in Andratx and therefore see fit to travel light, with only hand luggage. After loading their trolley they made their way to the car park, where the car they hire is always parked on the second floor. Mrs Davidson said “My husband is elderly and a little unwell so I do all the running around. It was a struggle getting along the walkways because we were tired, so when we got to the car park, I ran down to the bottom to pay for our ticket and my husband was making his way slowly to the car.” When Mrs Davidson arrived back at the car she saw her husband sitting in the car. “He asked me where my bag was and I told him it was on the trolley.” Their bag was nowhere to be seen and after trekking through the airport and reporting the loss to information, it occurred to Mrs Davidson that three young men were loitering around the car park and could have had something to do with the disappearance. She had previously thought they'd been looking for a car. One of the men had sidled past them on the walkway and had followed them to the car. “My husband suddenly put two and two together, remembering that a young man had called him away from the car as he was unloading to ask him a question. It was at this point that the third young man must have taken my bag.” Mr Davidson saw the three youths again upon returning to the car, but they ran away before they could be apprehended. Mrs Davidson thinks that the robbers choose the elderly and those with children as easy targets. Friends of theirs who had left the island two days before the Davidsons arrived telephoned to share a similar story involving the same three young men in the car park. Unfortunately they had their passports, money and tickets stolen in the same way, luring people away from their possessions under false pretenses.