Heat wave knocks Majorca for six.

The heat wave which is currently gripping the Balearics has sent temperatures and demand for electricity soaring. The heat wave is being caused by hot air coming across from North Africa and on Tuesday night, demand for power reached another record high for the time of year. While temperatures dropped slightly yesterday, on July 30 and 31, maximums of around 38ºC were recorded at Palma airport, 34ºC in Palma centre and 37ºC in Sa Pobla. Similar temperatures have not been recorded since July 1999 when a maximum of 38ºC was recorded in Palma, prior to that the highest temperature was 41ºC in 1983. On the whole, throughout July, temperatures were 0.5 or one degree higher than normal. With regards to August, the heat wave will remain for the next few days, but temperatures will eventually start to return to normal; around 30ºC in the case of Palma.However, the hot humid conditions have sent demand for power to record highs with people turning to their air conditioning systems for comfort. Demand for power in the Balearics is currently three points above the national average and over the past five years, demand for electricity has risen by 48 per cent.