The Copa del Rey fleet will early this morning return to the Real Club Nautico in Palma after the 110-mile all night race which yesterday evening was being dominated by El Banco Espirito Santo. El Banco Espirito Santo went in to yesterday's race as the provisional leader of Group A. The fleet of 125 yachts set sail yesterday at 13.45 with a wind speed of seven knots. The leg takes the fleet to Cala Figuera, El Toro, Dragonera, where Banco Espirito Santo was in the lead and round Cabrera before returning to Palma in the early hours of this morning for the rest day. In Group B, the yacht which was showing the best form and most promise yesterday was Telepizza-Peps which went in to the race in second position in its group. However, there could well be some surprises in store once the fleet returns.