Environmental group Greenpeace yesterday said that “sun and beach” tourism, the Balearics' principal industry is causing important damage to the eco-system because of the stress it is putting on water and power while causing serious rubbish problems. Releasing the findings of a recent study of the Balearics “Destruction at all costs” sighted a number of principal causes for the general eco degradation of the Balearics, such as urban sprawl along the coastline, especially in Majorca. Greenpeace also said that it considers the further construction of more promenades etc. along the Balearics' coastline, “deeply concerning” considering the fact that so little of the region's coast is being very well preserved. The environmental group also focused its concern on the nautical sector, claming that the islands are under threat from marinas and contamination. Despite the Majorcan building freeze, Greenpeace said that there are still 11 large projects, including two new marinas, two golf courses and a large promenade being allowed to go ahead which will only further stretch the islands' resources.