Christopher Skase did not leave a will because he had no assets left to bequeath to anyone and while the Australian government is continuing with its hunt for Skase's millions, so too is his family. Last year the family told the Bulletin that they were facing a financial predicament and since then, the situation has only worsened. However, Skase's widow Pixie aims to try and raise much needed funds by selling her story. She is believed to have sold her story to a national television network and a women's magazine for $200'000. News organisations have been scrambling for an interview with the wife of the failed entrepreneur who died on Sunday in Majorca and was cremated on Wednesday. Media sources involved in negotiations with the Skase family said it appeared rights to the interview had been secured by a joint TVmagazine syndicate. Yesterday the man who has been in charge of the ten-year, and so far unsuccessful, chase for Skase's assets, Max Donnelly, gave Pixie the green light to sell her story.