Breakfast with the Bulletin and croissants.

Legendary British actress and beauty Joan Collins is cruising Majorca on a yacht she boarded in Puerto Portals. The star of stage and screen was spotted reading the Daily Bulletin yesterday aboard the boat “Gemini”, just before they set sail. Ms Collins is accompanied on her holiday by the new love interest in her life, theatre company manager Percy Gibson. She spoke last month about her love for the man who is 33 years her junior, saying the realisation they were falling in love was like “being struck by a thunderbolt.” Joan Collins is set to star in Ken Ludwig's Moon Over Buffalo in Bath's Theatre Royal in October. The play will spend a week there before transferring to London's West End. Collins will play a betrayed and vengeful wife who runs off with her husband's best friend in the play which is being directed by Ray Cooney. Ms Collins has a long and sparkling history of performance, both on the stage and in the movies. She was elevated to the role of superstar in 1981 when cast as predatory and glamorous Alexis Carrington on Dynasty. “The longer you're around the more respect you generate. I've gone from babe to bitch to bag“ she told a magazine recently “I think a lot of people take themselves far too seriously, I find that a very tedious attitude.”