Have you noticed the heat? I don't think the fact has escaped many people that it has been a scorching summer on Majorca, and across Europe as a whole - a phenomenon caused by global climate change and one that is only going to get worse unless we change the way we live. As reported in yesterday's Bulletin, some reservoirs on the island are only at 14 per cent capacity, and although slightly better than last year, are still leaving many homes without water. This is the fifth summer in a drought which is proving to be the worst in the last fifty years. Global climate change is an alteration in long term weather patterns that characterise regions of the world. The weather is influenced by the sun; the sun heats the Earth's atmosphere and its surface, causing air and water to move around the planet. The result can be as simple as a light breeze or as complex as the formation of a tornado. The blistering heat in Majorca may not have the devastating consequences of other weather phenomena, but the future may hold further problems.