The Local Police of Calvia have arrested a drunken driver who allegedly knocked down an 18-year-old British tourist on a pedestrian crossing in Magaluf. The victim, who has not been named, was crossing Camí de sa Portassa at about 9.30pm on Friday, and apparently did not realise that the driver approaching had no intention of stopping. He was rushed to hospital, where he is under observation. No medical bulletin has been issued. The Local Police rushed to the scene and gave the driver a breathalyser test, which proved positive and the driver, a Spaniard aged 56, was detained. This was not the only incident involving drunk driving in Calvia over the weekend, and the Police intervened in four other drink-related accidents. A British driver aged about 30 was arrested at 4.45am on Saturday, after he was spotted speeding without lights along the Avenida Notario Alemany in Magalluf. Police sources say he made a sudden U turn and continued driving in the opposite direction until he was intercepted by police, who said that he had apparently been drinking. Another British driver was arrested after crashing his Golf GTI against a Chinese restaurant in Palma Nova. A moped rider was arrested after police spotted him zig-zagging along the Avenida Cas Saboners in Magalluf at 7am on Sunday. When he spotted the police patrol, he made an incorrect turn and tried to speed off but was caught. The man, aged 22, allegedly admitted to police that he had taken ecstasy and he also gave positive in a breathalyser test.