If over the past three years you have missed out on your 15 minutes of fame on British television, as crews and programmes have been crawling all over the island, the BBC is to give you all another opportunity at the end of next month. The BBC is looking for candidates for a new dating game, part of which is to be filmed in Majorca. The producers of Perfect Partner are looking for people who are British, single and either living or working on Majorca this summer. And if you think you fit the bill, but are a touch camera shy, then ask yourself this. How would members of your family back home like a free holiday to Majorca in September in return for finding you the man/woman of your dreams? Perfect Partner is a brand new dating show being made by the BBC and is heading to Majorca to play “cupid in the sun.” Finding the right person can be fraught with difficulties and frustration, particulalry when all your friends become entwined in relationships. Perfect Partner is presented by Nadia Sawahla, who is also the presenter of BBC1*s Passport to the Sun which is currently mid way through filming of its third series in Majorca, whose task it is to try and take the angst out of dating by encouraging the people who know each individual candidate best to do all the work. The programme works with two teams, one made up of family members and one made up of friends, testing their wits and understanding of the candidate by hunting out the ideal date. Whilst the single hopeful sips cocktails with Nadia, the two teams battle it out to find that perfect someone. The only stipulations for potential single candidates is that they be over 18 and have a sense of fun.