A 31-year-old German drowned yesterday in one of the swimming pools at the public Son Hugo complex in Palma. The incident occurred at 2.35pm in the diving pool and the alarm was raised by a fellow swimmer who pointed out to the lifeguards the German lying some five metres down on the bottom of the pool. Lifeguards immediately pulled the body from the water and tried to resuscitate the German while they waited for paramedics and an ambulance to reach the scene. According to Marti Cladera, doctor for the Municipal Sports Institute, Christian Werner suffered a heart attack as he was being dragged from the pool, hence why all the efforts by the medical teams were in vain. However, the exact cause of death has yet to be confirmed and the authorities are awaiting the autopsy results. President of the Municipal Sports Institute Gaspar Oliver said that all the staff at Son Hugo, which was opened two years ago, responded extremely quickly. He guaranteed that the sports centre meets all the safety requirements and that each of the three pools, two outdoor and one indoor, are patrolled and staffed by the stipulated number of lifeguards.