Former President of Argentina, Carlos Menem, yesterday denied claims that he owns an undeclared company in Majorca and accused the judge leading the investigation in to his finances and illegal arms dealings of “lies.” Menem, currently under arrest and facing charges of illegal arms dealing in Croatia and Ecuador, said in Buenos Aires “I have never owned a part of a company overseas.” Behind the judicial investigation in to the former President's financial affairs is Minister Elisa Carro who Menem warned yesterday “can't go on making things up.” However, according to the Federal judge in charge of arresting Menem and the investigation, Jorge Urso, Menem could be linked with a Majorcan company which has nearly 25 million dollars in capital and bank accounts on the island. At the moment all Urso wants to do is establish the truth and whether or not Menem, and his former private secretary Ramón Hernández, either own or have any involvement with the company. “I feel insulted and am very angry because you can't play with people like this,” Menem said.