A group of Majorcan vineyards which are not registered with the existing guarantees of vintage are calling for a new “wines of Majorca” label. The current guarantees of origin, Binissalem and Pla i Llevant de Mallorca, fail to include a wide range of Majorcan vineyards which have written to the Balearic Minister for Agriculture demanding that a “Island of Majorca” vintage label be established. At the moment, only the officially recognised vienyards are allowed to use the word “Mallorca” on their labels, while the rest are only to describe themselves as “wines of the Balearics.” However, for commercial purposes, being only allowed to describe themselves as a Balearic wine, puts many Majorcan vineyards at a disadvantage. Wine producers want the Balearic government to change local legislation not only to create a more balanced market place, but also as a show of faith to a local industry which is growing rapidly and also enjoying a great deal of success in Spain and overseas.