There was a certain amount of support for the Mayor of Palma's drive to make the city a safer place yesterday, but there was also overriding criticism of his “hard right” attitudes. Union bosses accused Joan Fageda of taking an insensitive approach to the capital's problems by mixing “highly delicate” issues, such as immigration, prostitution, crime and insecurity, all together. The CCOO Confederation of Workers' Union said that Fageda is merely trying to win votes at a time when the city council is having a hard battle with the commercial and hotel sectors. The union said that there are no quick and easy solution to Palma's “complex” problems and that the Mayor should be involving all the public and private institutions, as well as the newly formed Palma security board. Opponents yesterday urged Fageda to stop publicly pointing the finger at immigration as the root cause for the city's troubles and adopt a more global and social approach. Fageda was accused of “cheap electionering and fuelling racist and xenophobic attitudes towards all minorites.” The Majorcan Unionist party applauded Fageda's intentions to improve safety, but called for “better management” of the council's existing resources after “ten years of few solutions.” The Unionist party does not believe there is a need for the penal code to be reformed but that Fageda should have more active control of the local police and step up the campaign for an autonomous Balearic police force.