Richard Parker Bowles, who doesn't speak to the press, told the Daily Bulletin yesterday that his relationship with ex-sister-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles is a very good one. Holidaying in Majorca with his family, the brother of Mrs Parker Bowles' ex-husband Andrew, was nothing but pleasant about the woman who is again in the spotlight this week, after rumours that the Queen will “grudgingly” allow her to marry Prince Charles. “She seems very happy and we are all on good terms despite what has happened in the past. My brother is happily remarried. He and Camilla have two children to care for and they maintain a good relationship to make sure this happens.” Mr Parker Bowles said yesterday that the press often see him as an easy way into the inner circles of the Royal Family, and accordingly he refuses to be drawn on the subject of his brother's past, “You see, people do take things out of context and therefore it is really better to say nothing rather than to try and help.” He maintains that he, his brother and Mrs Parker Bowles took a conscious decision to avoid making any comment to the press concerning the divorce and Camilla's relationship with the Prince. “We felt it would be better that way but it does become difficult for the children (Camilla and Andrew's) and we have to be careful for their sake. They feel the pressure more than we do and they can be easier to manipulate. They tend to leap to people's defence quicker than an adult might.” There have been mixed reports this week over the future of the Prince's relationship. St James' Palace has denied rumours that the Queen will allow a marriage, saying their position has not changed on the matter. However an article in Spectator magazine quotes an unnamed “well-informed Palace observer” saying she will let them wed after her Golden Jubilee. The report also speculates that the couple are considering a civil ceremony to avoid problems with the Church of England. The Prince recently answered a question about whether he planned to marry Mrs Parker Bowles by saying “You can't be certain about anything.” On the subject of remarriage, he also said “Who knows what the good Lord has planned? You can't be certain about anything.” The couple were witnessed in their first public kiss in late June, when the Prince arrived as her guest at a charity reception for the National Osteoporosis Society. Mrs Parker Bowles greeted him with a smile, he put his hand on her arm and kissed her lightly on both cheeks, mouthing an affectionate “hello”. Yesterday Richard Parker Bowles said that he wasn't too aware of the intimate arrangements or plans in Mrs Parker Bowles' life anymore but that “unfortunately it's the name that keeps coming back.”