Sir Peter sees no reason to slow down.

A somewhat weary and tired Sir Peter Ustinov has just started his annual summer break in Majorca and is thoroughly looking forward to a good rest on the island he admits he loves. As has become a summer tradition over the past 40 years, Sir Peter has returned to the Hotel Formentor. In front is moored his sailing yacht, aboard which he spends most days, having lunch, a siesta and a swim before returning ashore and to the hotel. Over recent years the multi-talented Ustinov has been focusing more on music and currently has five compact discs on the market and has been performing across the world. His love of Majorca has not only blossomed during his 40 year relationship with the island, he also has Italian relatives who emigrated to Majorca “but above all I love the landscape and the tranquility.” “I'm looking forward to spending a few quiet days here,” he said. As an actor he has won two Academy awards, but he said “above all I'm a writer. It is the hardest thing to do because you have to reach people's feelings.” But music and writing aside, Sir Peter has been working in film. Last Autumn he starred in a Canadian production in which he had to send 20 witches to the gallows “it felt very good,” he joked. Last April he celebrated his 80th birthday. “Why should one slow down? I don't quite understand it,” he said a few days ahead of the celebrations.