Iirate members of the Puig de Sant Pere neighbourhood association are studying the possibility of taking Palma's Mayor, Joan Fageda, to court for “abandonment of duties”, for failing to solve the serious noise problems of the area. At a Press conference, they complained about incidents which took place in La Lonja, one of the centres of Palma night life, in the afternoon-evening of last Friday. “The Lonja area is like a time bomb which exploded on Friday, and if nothing is done to control noise in the streets, there will be further incidents,” according to association spokeswoman Feli Marcos. However, the Local Police say that they were not called out to La Lonja on Friday, while the National Police say that they only have a record of one incident, a fight between two men, which occurred at about 10pm. But according to Marcos, the incident involved neighbours, musicians and customers of the area, and “it became a pitched battle.” And she described police intervention as “something out of an American film.” The conflict has its origins in live performances in the Plaza Lonja between 8 and 11pm, which, according to the association, produce “intolerable noise” which prevents residents from resting.