Jessie Wallace on the terrace in Portals.

Eastender's Kat Slater has been relaxing in Majorca with some friends. Spotted in Puerto Portals, Jessie Wallace was recently awarded the “Best Newcomer” plaque at the National Soap Awards. She has struggled long and hard to get where she is today in television and says that when she found out she had got the part in Eastenders, she blacked out. “ I waited three months to find out if I had got the part, it was torture.” She phoned her agent to tell him she couldn't bear the wait and he told her she had been successful; “I was walking down the High Street and blacked out. When I came round, my face was wet from crying. It was brilliant.”Eastenders is Jessie's first real acting job after studying at the Poor School, a self help drama school in London. It holds classes in the evenings so its members can work in the day. Previous to this she had been working as a make up artist for the Royal Shakespeare Company, preparing the likes of Joseph Fiennes for the stage. Fellow Eastenders star Lucy Benjamin has also recently been seen sunning herself on boyfriend Steve McFadden's boat out of Puerto Portals.