The museum at Lluc monastery is currently making an inventory and cataloguing its collections, and when it reopens, it will have a room for temporary exhibitions, so that it can display more of its treasures. The first of these exhibitions, from September 1 to 20, will feature jewellery complemented by a series of portraits of Majorcan women in traditional dress, showing how they displayed their jewellery. Art historian Elvira Gonzalez, who was appointed head of the museum a few months ago, explained the new philosophy. She said an inventory would be made of everything, which will be a long process. The museum's treasures include ceramics, jewellery, liturgical objects, statues, traditional and religious clothing, archaeological objects, a collection of paintings, and a section dedicated to artist Coll Bardolet. The jewellery was given to the monastery as an offering, and the pieces are mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. They include buttons, Maltese crosses, gold chains and medallions, showing the skill of local jewellers. Most of the pieces are from Majorca, but there will also be a few from Ibiza.