The Workers Commissions (CC.OO) union has slammed the Balearic government's tourist policy and has made a call to limit ‘all inclusive' package tours. The union's hostelry chapter has drawn up a tough document criticising the government's tourist policy over the past two years. It accuses the government of continuing past policies and perpetuating “unjust” situations, in which workers have “insufficient wages, low pensions, excessive working days and abusive rhythms of work,” while at the other end of the scale there are men and women with unbelievable profits who are “the pride of our political institutions for having ‘balearised' (over-built) half the world.” The document calls on the Progress Pact government to draw up a “progressive“ policy which guarantees sustainability in three areas: the environment, the territory and the social fabric of the islands. It wants the government to introduce real changes in the model of tourism. The union says that steps must be taken against the underground economy, particularly the illegal offer in the hotel sector. It wants a special committee set up with representatives of the tourism and labour ministries, the unions and management. It also wants the general law on tourism to be remodelled to put a brake on growth of offer. The union says that the new law should also regulate minimum services based on category of hotel, promote hotels as opposed to apartments to generate new jobs and to limit all inclusive holidays and time shares. The policy of allowing new beds only if obsolete hotels are demolished should be continued, with greater guarantees, the union said.