If Palma police do catch the killer of Yvonne O'Brien “it will probably be by luck more than anything else,” Philip Graham the brother of the British woman murdered in Alcudia two years ago said yesterday. What is more, despite the police's attempts to locate and question a prime suspect believed to be in Luxembourg, the investigation as a whole is being scaled down from today, Graham has been led to understand by his Majorcan lawyer. Graham told the Bradford Telegraph & Argos that the 40-year-old suspect Gaston “is just one of a number of people who could be involved. He was actually taken to Yvonne's flat by the police when the inquiry opened. He was interviewed again six weeks later and then released.” But Palma police want Gaston questioned again. “I believe there are seven or eight people who could have done it - some of them I know. They have a motive but I don't want to say any more,” Graham said. His latter statement has been very much the case throughout the murder inquiry, he has always been very careful to protect his late sister's reputation. “I'm keeping an open mind. I have faith in the police and I must keep on hoping they will get him,” Graham added. But two years on, he has serious doubts.