Majorca's boatyards and dry docks are already nearing capacity for repairs over the winter season. The expected influx of superyachts have recently begun to trickle into Palma, as the Mediterranean charter season moves towards its end. Those yachts which don't follow the sun to the Carribbean to continue their lucrative charter business, will be wintered in the Med, with Majorca yet again being a favourite spot. Last week there were reports that all the marinas in Palma and Puerto Portals were full. Coupled with the news that the drydocks can handle no more refit work over the winter proves that the island is swiftly catching up in the popularity stakes with perennial favourite Antibes. Palma's boatyards are renowned for their professional yacht repair and rebuilds. Last winter saw yachts such as Crystal and Sea Shuttle undergo extensive overhauls, ready for this year's charters. The docks surrounding Palma cater for all types of yacht maintenence, such as carpentry, engineering, welding, rigging, fixtures, fittings and furnishings. At the beginning of the year, luxury sailing yacht Adela had one of her masts destroyed in France by a bolt of lightening. She made her way to Palma's specialists to have repairs done, reaffirming the quality of the island's boatyards. The charter season in the Mediterranean is expanding to previously neglected areas such as Croatia, as the usual areas such as Monaco and the Amalfi Coast become crowded with yachts. Owning a superyacht seems to be the popular theme of the rich and famous. The docks will soon be filled to capacity and local businesses organising everything from the replenishment of stores to spar repairs will be swinging into action, keeping the economy of the island's yachting industry healthy. With the Port of Mallorca's new marina recently officially opened and already full, the industry is looking forward to an increasingly prosperous future.