The Mayor of Palma, Joan Fageda, yesterday hit back at claims from the UGT general workers union that the capital's Local Police force is “disorganised.” The union has slammed the police force for not only being disorganised but “out of control, technically and politically.” However, Fageda responded by pointing his finger at the union, blaming the UGT for a “lack of co-operation” from representatives from the police unions. Fageda highlighted the fact that the city's Local Police are having to confront and combat new criminal issues such as prostitution and immigration and their work load is not getting any easier with the security issue in Palma becoming increasingly more complicated. Earlier this month, Fageda called for the penal code to be reviewed in order to give police more powers on the beat as part of a general restructuring of the force. But the UGT accused the mayor of trying to reconstruct the force by, for the most part, ignoring the bulk of the union agreements.