Squeezing the juice out of the UK, Mr Doug Cox, has turned his attention to Majorca. Fruity Doug has been in the business of thirst quenching since 1944, and has started a new venture at the ripe age of 79 - importing fruit juices to the island, an area already filled with fruits and juicy nectars. Mr Cox produces, of course, apple drinks, as well as cranberry, pink grapefruit and a host of other flavours. After beginning his soft drinks business in the Midlands in 1944 with a loan of £250, he now expects a yearly turnover of £10 million. Celebrating his 80th birthday in November will not slow Doug down, he already supplies Crete, Tenerife, Ireland and Cyprus with the drinks and is excited at the prospect of Majorca being his next “tropical” enterprise - a move that may raise a few eyebrows as Majorca already has an abundant supply of fruits, with oranges providing a healthy drink market. Doug says “Our juices are different from the juices already supplied on the island, with 100% pure ingredients and a huge range of flavours.” The Cox's juice trade began last October in Britain, and within a month the Cox's were working 24 hours a day to meet demand. Fruit Juice Burst will be available in the tourist resorts around Majorca for their trial run, and Doug is defiant that his new brand will overshadow the pure juices already made on the island - he will supply his drinks “kumquat” may.