The plans for the ambitious project unveiled yesterday.

Palma City Council yesterday unveiled a model of how the capital's sea front will look once the ambitious renovation of the gateway to the capital, and for many the island, is complete. But as traffic density reached new levels along the Paseo Maritimo and the stretch of motorway from the airport to Palma yesterday, the project was subject to stiff criticism. In accordance with the new project, electricity company GESA, among others, will have to relocate with GESA moving to the Son Molines site where the Sant Joan de Dios power station is. Balearic Minister for Energy, Priam Villalonga warned that she will not allow plans for the possible renovation and re-use of the condemned power plant to prevent its closure. The Minister said that she is not opposed to any project to improve Palma'ss urban features, but stressed that the city council must seriously contemplate all the ramifications of such a vast plan.