The Balearic CRCS air sea rescue service yesterday morning plucked a lone fisherman to safety, some 18 miles off the coast of Formentera. Tragically, the victim died a few hours after being rescued. The alarm was raised at 10am and the Ibiza-based rescue helicopter was immediately scrambled and headed out to the stricken fishing boat Españoleto. The chopper was also followed by a rescue vessel which helped the helicopter crew haul the victim aboard. However, the fishermen, whose identity has not been revealed, was confirmed dead shortly after arrival at Ibiza hospital. The CRCS was involved again in the rescue of two men off Formentera after their light yacht capsized. The CRCS from Ibiza and the Red Cross in Formentera both took part in the operation and both sailors were rescued safe and sound. Later in the day, the yacht Mingus had to be towed back in to the port of Ibiza after suffering mechanical problems some 11 miles off the isle of Tagomago. None of the three people on board were injured. CRCS are on full alert and have asked all yachtsmen to keep a close eye on weather conditions.