A pioneering new initiative was unveiled in Palma yesterday as part of the Balearic government's on-going bid to reduce the number of accidents at work. Minister for Labour, Eberhard Grosske, announced that employees will be able to report any form of dangers in the work place of employees concerned about a potential risk by calling the 112 emergency telephone number. Grosske said that the new scheme will enable the authorities “to respond instantly, effectively and directly to any risks.” The new emergency facility will also involve the local police who in turn will be able to respond much quicker to emergencies in the work place because they will be receiving information instantly. The Minister explained that in cases where there is no great or imminent risk, the calls will be diverted to the Ministry which in turn will deal with the problem in co-operation with the police. Grosske did add that as to how involved the local police become in the new initiative, depends on the respective town councils. Since 1995, the number of accidents at work in the Balearics has risen steadily and this year's fatal hotel collapse in Arenal, brought the problem to a head. Grosske hopes that the new telephone service, with the help of the public, will seriously help to improve the situation and reduce the number of accidents.