Mahon local council in Minorca has worked out that it is more than possible for people to get about the town centre on foot. Results of a study carried out to mark Saturday's no car day, indicate that pedestrians will take no more than 15 minutes to walk from some of the town's outskirts car parks. In most cases, the walk is around ten minutes. Mahon Councillor for Public Services, Ernest Ribalaiga, said “quite clearly, we've got to change people's chip about distances and also impress upon them the amount of damage they are causing by continual and daily use of vehicles.” The main aim of tomorrow's event in Mahon will be to convince the public that moving about the town on foot is perfectly possible. The furthest car park away from the centre is 891 metres, which the council estimates takes 15 minutes to walk. Last year, 12 per cent of Mahon's car drivers participated in the no car day and the council hopes that this year the level of participation will be a great deal higher.