A peaceful demo will be held in Palma tomorrow, Friday, to protest against the military action which US President George Bush plans in reply to the terrorist attacks which destroyed the twin World Center Towers in New York and part of the Pentagon on September 11, causing more than 6'000 deaths. It will be held in the Plaza de las Tortugas (at the end of the Borne) at 8.30pm, and a manifesto will be read criticising the “submissive attitude” of the central government in the face of “George Bush's war adventure.” The demo has been organised by the Casal de Entidades Ciudadanas, an umbrella group for local cultural, social and similar associations and it also has the backing of local unions and political parties. So far 23 associations have confirmed their attendance. The demo comes one day before one planned by pacifist groups outside the White House. Those taking part will call on the government not to involve Spain in a military conflict. The manifesto which will be read out condemns the wave of attacks which hit the US on September 11, but warns of the “chilling” number of victims which could arise during any military action launched by the United States. The backers of the manifesto say that any such action could “wipe out entire countries” and have “unforeseeable consequences” in view of the atomic arsenals held by all sides involved. The manifesto, which has ten points, also draws attention to the racist and xenophobic effects of the conflict, which have already given rise to attacks on Muslims, while at the same time it calls for solidarity with the Afghan people, “who are suffering the consequences of a dictatorship promoted by the US.”