Margalida Rosselló, the Balearic environment minister, yesterday gave guarantees that spear fishing would not be banned at the future Llevant park of Majorca. She made the promise at a meeting with representatives of the Balearic Underwater Activities Federation and the Sports Fishing Association of Llevant. After the meeting, the minister said that it was “irresponsible to spread rumours.” She pointed out that the ministry of agriculture is responsible for regulating fishing, and in the case of the Llevant park (in the Artà area), fishing will be regulated by both ministries in collaboration with the sectors involved. Work has not started on the park management plan, although Rosselló said that fishing may be limited but in no case would it be banned. She also said that mooring would be regulated to protect the marine environment. Not everyone is in favour of the Artà peninsula being converted into the Llevant park, although a meeting held in Artà to explain the project went well.