Bird watchers were out in force.

The environmental group GOB is backing the celebration of World Bird Day, which has the support of 120 organisations in 90 countries this weekend. One million people world wide are expected to take to the country to observe birds. In Majorca, the event is being celebrated at S'Albufera, the natural park in Muro, which is a major stopping place for migratory birds. The Day is promoted by Birdlife International, to draw attention to the number of endangered species there are in the world. A GOB spokesman said that the islands are a good place for bird watchers as 330 different species of birds have been studied. A third of them breed on the islands and the rest are migratory species. Activities at the Albufera will include guided tours and information on birds and ringing. Endangered species which nest in Majorca include the Cory's shearwater, Manx shearwater, purple heron, marbled teal, kite, marsh harrier, hen harrier, osprey and Eleanora's falcon. The Friends of Parks Association is also collaborating in this event.