Francesc Quetglas took office as minister of public works earlier this month, at a time when his department is very much in the public eye because of the moratoria on building imposed both by the Balearic government, and the Council of Majorca, headed by Maria Antonia Munar, who is also head of the Majorcan Union (UM) party. Before becoming minister, Quetglas had been a member of the Council of Majorca's planning department, so he has seen the story from both sides.

Q. The Council of Majorca complains that the new DOT (master plan for development) encroaches on its responsibiities, something you complained about when you were head of its planning department. What will you do about it?
If there is any such encroachment, it is my wish to sweep it all away.

Q. And what about changes in the DOT?
No, because there are two limits in negotiations with the Council: what has been written in the Pact and responsibilities. This means that it should be done in such a way that the island councils can make their development plans, but in keeping with what has been agreed.

Q. But you yourself admitted that matters had not got off to a good start when the UM abstained, giving the conservative Popular Party (PP) victory in the Council?
Yes, but one should not give too much importance to this, although we will try to prevent it from being repeated.

Q. Will there be quotas?
A. The ceiling for the population and the rate of growth are matters of the DOT, which must be developed through area plans. At all events, the Council is right when it says the DOT cannot be changed continually. It will be necessary to ensure that reforms to the DOT and the drawing up of area plans do not interfere with each other.

Q. The population ceiling is a matter for UM or DOT?
A. For the DOT which must be developed through the area plans.

Q. And what must be done about rustic land?
A. Planning is in the hands of the island councils and after the DOT is reformed, my ministry will not have any jurisdiction over the councils. Now what has to be done is define the DOT. I am not going to set unmoveable positions, either in this or any other matter. Historically in Majorca, one had a small plot of land and built a house and although social reality is what it is, changes must be introduced in society.

Q. Do you like roundabouts as much as your predecessor?
A. Plans for the Manacor road are open to proposals which go from five to 11 roundabouts, and a decision will be based on the impact and many other factors, although it can be said that the plan with the biggest number of roundabouts will not be chosen.

Q. And do you like motorways?
A. For the distances in Balearics no, because motorways can be good for very long distances. Widening guarantees sufficient speed and safety. Motorways are fine to go from Barcelona to Paris, but not from Barcelona to Granollers, which is the case here.

Q. When will we see the Manacor road?
A. The Son Ferriol-Montuiri stretch will be done in 2002, the stretch up to Algaida may be done in 2003.