The Balearic government yesterday approved a motion tabled by the Minister for the Environment, proposing that, under the PORN, Natural Resources Management Plan, the nature reserves of the Albufera in Majorca, Ses Salines de Ibiza and Formentera, be given extra protection. After yesterday's cabinet meeting government spokesperson, Antoni Garcías, said that the Albufera, declared a natural park in 1991, is one of the most important areas of wet lands in the Balearics and is of international importance. The government also agreed that in view of the diverse and important environmental, ecological, educational and social work carried out at the park, it warrants extra protection. Located in the municipality of Alcudia, the park covers an area of 213 hectares and, for the large part is open to the public. The park is also the scene for a series of important experiments and investigations carried out by experts from all over the world every year. The government's decision was last night praised by local evironmental group GOB.