The current freeze on the construction of superstores in the Balearics could be extended for another five years should the prolongation, proposed by the Partido Popular yesterday, be approved in parliament. The current freeze expires on January 1 next year, but the PP believes that, because the Balearics' economic situation “has not changed” and that the superstore sector is “still saturated,” it warrants a five year extension. The principal aim of the freeze is to protect the livelihoods of the small business sector and is a policy introduced by the present left-wing coalition government, thus is expected to be voted through parliament with considerable ease. The PP believes that approving the extension will also provide the small business sector with an important vote of confidence at a time when many shop keepers are worried about the implications of the present crisis. The Balearic government is also working on a big business tax which would apply to the region's large industrial and commercial companies.