Palma airport is one of the most user friendly in Spain, according to the latest survey carried out by the OCU Spanish consumer watchdog in association with a number of European bodies. Spanish air travellers consider Almeria airport to be the best followed by Amsterdam and Brussels; with regards to national airports, Palma and Alicante came out tops. Cairo was slammed as the worst airport where passengers suffer the most problems, followed by Bilbao and Pamplona with 75 per cent of passengers suffering delays at the latter. In total 23'000 Europeans, including 3'000 Spaniards, were questioned in the survey. In general the main complaints were flight delays, lack of refunds in the event of flights being double booked and loss of luggage. Results in Spain indicate that, on the whole, people are satisfied with the function of the airlines, although Spanish airlines come rather low down the list when compared to how other countries value their airlines. The top valued Spanish airline is Spanair, which ranked in 100th spot on the European league table, while the most recommended Spanish airline is Iberia.