A week after she received an envelope containing a suspicious white substance, Pilar Orts still does not know the result of the analysis of its contents. The envelope was delivered by the postman on Friday October 25 and it came from Barcelona, addressed to Pilar Orts. When she opened it a white powder which she could not identify fell out and she contacted the police, in the fear that it might be anthrax. The envelope was picked up and placed in a sealed container by a policeman wearing special protective clothing and the woman was advised to go to a hospital and not return home until she knew the results of the analysis. The private hospital took a nasal swab but did not want to medicate her until she insisted. She was then told that the envelope would be sent to the Peninsula on Monday and the results would be known 48 hours later, five days after she had been in contact withthe envelope. However, by yesterday the results were still not known. This type of case is dealt with by police who are members of the explosives unit.


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