Litters bugs beware.

Look out, look out there's a waste inspector about, and what is more, it could mean a 25.000 peseta on the spot fine. The municipal water board EMAYA yesterday unveiled its new campaign to make sure that the general public comply with the waste disposal guidelines. EMAYA president, Maria Crespo, said that a team of 12 inspectors is to be deployed. They will control household waste disposal to the dumping of industrial waste and while they will be able to hand out fines of up to 25'000 pesetas they will be under no obligation to identify the guilty party to the authorities. Crespo said “the aim is not to hound the general public, but to keep the city clean.” “We are not out to transform people in to criminals,” she added. However, the new inspectors will not be in uniform and, if necessary, will be able to call for police support and assistance. The new green patrols will also be keeping an eye on people walking their dogs in the capital. Crespo said that EMAYA has reached the conclusion that, despite the efforts of the municipal cleaning services and rubbish collectors, in order to keep the city clean “the public have to make an effort to make less mess,” and in order to make sure the general public are more aware of their role in the “keep Palma clean” campaign, the green patrol is being created. Ever since residents of Palma classified Palma as one of the top ten dirtiest cities in Spain, the council has made a huge effort to clean up the capital. But, at the same time, more and more of the burden has been put on residents and some are non too keen about having plain clothed EMAYA inspectors watching what they do with their rubbish. One of the causes of Palma's filth is the huge amont of council building work and, according to the Town Hall, the three million tourists which visit the city every year. They will certainly get a shock when pounced upon by a member of the green patrol next summer.


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